Register a .CA domain name and connect with Canadian Internet users

Canadian host, PlanetHoster offers you the opportunity to register your .CA domain name. The .CA extension is essential for your website or blog to be identified in Canada. Companies, organizations and individuals are thus able to position themselves in an exceptional and secure way on the Canadian Internet:

maple leaf .CA domain names guarantee you automatic identification with Canadian Internet users

PlanetHoster advises all organizations, companies and individuals to register their website or blog under a .CA domain name. Buy the .CA extension, you will gain the trust of Canada's Internet users. Indeed, several surveys show that Canadians prefer to surf on .CA Internet sites than those hosted under a .COM extension. .CA domain names thus reassure Internet users to buy online or read and share content.

maple leaf Register a .CA domain name and support Canadian values

The registration of a .CA domain name must meet Canadian presence requirements. .CA domain names are controlled because they are the only ones that designate a website as 100% Canadian. A .CA extension also informs search engines directly that the site's content is Canadian. This indication will allow your .CA domain name to be better referenced on the Canadian Internet.

maple leaf Secure your domain name with the .CA extension

In Canada, CIRA (the Canadian Internet Registration Authority) manages the 2.7 million .CA domain names already registered. It thus ensures the security of all these .CA domain names. CIRA ensures a secure, available and resilient Internet for all Canadians.

maple leaf Excellent .CA domain names still available

As opposed to the .COM extension, you are more likely to get the .CA domain name that really matches your website or blog.

Discover our web hosting solutions in Canada

If you want to host your.CA domain name, there's nothing better than choosing a type of web hosting that suits your Canadian needs. Thanks to our infrastructures located in Canada, you can directly benefit from their power and high quality via our two web hosting solutions: The World and HybridCloud.

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Web hosting :

The World by PlanetHoster Canada

The World is an unlimited web hosting service available in Canada. This entry-level platform makes it easy to create your websites without breaking the bank! Ideal for beginners, The World solution allows you to detect and optimize your CMS server environment (WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop...). In addition, thanks to our data centre located in Canada, your.CA domain names benefit directly from the power of our infrastructures.

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Web hosting :

HybridCloud Canada

HybridCloud is a dedicated web hosting with cloud services available in Canada. Adapted to all needs, this solution is ideal for e-business, high-traffic websites, resellers or custom configured websites. In addition to being our most powerful product, the HybridCloud will boost your CA domain more than ever thanks to our infrastructures located in Canada!

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